Did you know that...? 

Candy Housewife...^__^

Anecdotes about "Candy Candy"


A Japanese advertising with Candy and Albert

Candy as a canari !... ^__^

Candy in Italy

The canari Coco dressed like Candy !

Italian comics of CC, with many added new adventures


Candy Candy Italian ending !    Candy Candy names in foreign countries

A wonderful ending imagined by Fabbri publishers, that celebrates at last, the meeting of Candy and Terry! ^^


What are the names of CC characters in other countries?...
"Candy Candy" - The Korean movie   An adult Candy
The movie based upon the manga, with true actors! Don't miss it^^


Clic on the image to see it bigger! ^


Saint Seiya Parody The pastiche manga 
When Saint Seiya parodies Candy...

A made in France pastiche, very funny and for a change, well designed!..

The village of Grantchester

The bento
It does exist and is located in England...


Very graphical snacks of Candy Candy characters designed.
The Indonesian tv sÚries  Cameo appearance
The Indonesian soap opera based upon the manga... When Candy Candy characters appear in other series...

A sexy Candy of XXIst century  Yorgo's fairy tale 
A modern and sensual Candy, imagined by a South-Korean artist. When a CC admirer is welcomed with great pomp in Hong Kong ...