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Summary of the episodes 



As in France, Candy Candy was a huge success in Italy, so much so that the publishers, GRUPPO EDITORIALE FABBRI, created, in the beginning of the eighties, a comics, with a design similar to the manga's and introducing itself as a kind of sequel of the anime.

Fabbribegan to publish the original manga, translated in Italian and colorized commença par éditer le manga original, traduit en italien et colorisé (like in the French Teleguide). Then at the end of the manga, FABBRI imagined and published a sequel that had nothing to do with Kyoko Mizuki's.

Unfortunately, this sequel is not very good and the stories border on the ridiculous, to finally end, after more than 300 comic books, with Candy and Terry's reunion!... Phew! ^__^

Click onthe picture to see the final kiss in its original size ! ^__^

Here are some images of the comic books quelques images représentatives du contenu de ces b.d. (Thank you Nila for having so kindly given them to me)


Summary of the episodes  (In French only)