In november 2010, the novel "Candy Candy, Final Story", written by Keiko Nagita (alias Kyoko Mizuki), came out. It's an updated, modified and improved version of the three novels below. But the main thing we are interested in here lies in the fact that this time, we know what Candy becomes and who she married!!! If you want to find out, I invite you to click on the link below that will send you to the dedicated page. (to Nila's website)


The three novels

Until 2010, there was indeed a sequel to Candy that Kyoko Mizuki had written through three novels, supplemented with black and white illustrations made by Yumiko Igarashi, in the days when they were still friends. Those novels were published in 1978, after the manga release, in order to calm the fans down who were not statisfied with the end. 

la suite de Candy (vol.1)

la suite de Candy (vol.2)

la suite de Candy (vol.3)

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Final Story

 The final books that close the loop and give answers to Candy's future...

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Links towards blogs or websites devoted to Final Story

Freckled Tarzan and Shakespearean Fool
(A blog that explains with evidences why Terry is Anohito)

Final Story Epilogue in manga by Mikahara Miki

Mikahara Miki is a Japanese illustrator who drew this little comics to illustrate the epilogue of the book, when Candy after reading her last letters is surprised in the dark by her husband/Anohito (alias someone with dark hair and green eyes... ;o) )

Terry : Candy... I haven't changed... I wanted you to know it... T.G.
Candy : Terry... Terry!...
Albert : Candy.... Terry is definitely waiting for you...

Suzanna :Candy... I'm sorry..
Candy : Suzanna... Suzanna is dead...

Anohito/Him : What are you doing in the dark, Candy?

Candy : Welcome home!