We don't know really what or who inspired Kyoko Mizuki for the name of Grandchester, but as she is a writer and a poet, it would not be surprising that she probably chose the village in which lived the famous poet Rupert Brooke. This village, named Grantchester (with a t instaed of d) is very tiny and is located near Cambridge. There is also a website devoted to this village: http://www.grantchester.info/main.php


This village is better known for its museum devoted to the famous poet Rupert Brooke (1886-1915), who lived in Grantchester in which he held meetings in his "tea garden". Rupert Brooke continues to fascinate people of all ages and of all social conditions, since his death. at the age of 27 during the first world war. He was at the same time a scholar, poet, playwright, literary critic, writer of travel books, political activist and soldier. He had many friends - some of them were important people of their generation - to whom he wrote long and numerous letters. He had a complex personality and a tormented love life, that was not unrelated to his breathtaking beauty...


At the local level, there is a famous monument of the village. It's SSt. Mary and St. Andrew church... Doesn't the tower remind you St. Paul's one?


I invite you to read lire HERE, a most romantic description of this village... (In French only)