Yorgo, prince of Brussels nights, is also a huge Candy Candy fan. His fame crossed the continents up to Asia, where in 2012, he got invited to Hong Kong, to be part of a special event in honour of Yumiko Igarashi and her works. Famous for his incredible collection of CC goodies, for his big personality, and for his big interest for the anime series, he was welcomed there with full honours, and he proudly represented the colors of CC world. A big thank you to Yorgo who showed the French speaking CC world at its finest!

Report of the Hong-Kong tv

  Yorgo with Nadia Hu Minshan, an actress, great CC admirer...

Yorgo and some of his collection...

Chinese CC fanss

Yorgo with Yumiko Igarashi

For this event, Yorgo also wrote a song called "Candy White" available for legal download.