Candy Candy's revival in South Korea 

Between the end of 2012 and the beginning of 2013 took place in South Korea several exhibitions about the Candy of the 21st century. Designed by Hyun-Soo Son (손현수), this South Korean artist wanted to show how CC characters would have evolved if they had been created in the 2000's. Farewell then, princes charming with flounced shirts of 70's shojos, make way to young tall hairless and muscled men! Candy is not left behind with her attractive shapes and her mischievous eyes.

With that work, Hyun-Soo Son wanted to show the changing attitudes, and especially the sexualization of manga in order to satisfy the expectations of readers who are more and more demanding in this regard. Here, male CC characters look like chipendales whereas Candy looks sensual and seductive.

The exhibition began by an opening movie that you can see by clicking on Candy's picture below.

In this humoristic cartoon, the characters evolve physically. The conventional look they had in the manga disappears through a cloudy fog to to make way to a modern Candy and Terry. Candy wears a skirt whereas Terry wears a pair of jeans, both are grining mischievously. Terry's pecs are able to have Ryan Gosling drooling with envy, while Candy wears assertively her bikiny. All of this remains charming and funny.

The exhibition room
Those are acrylic on canvas.

A nude Candy surrounded by all her suitors. The choice is difficult...^^
The unknown person, with short hair, who is in the middle of the paintings seems to be a modern version of Terry. This modern Terry is found in a short comic-strip of the artist that you'll find a little further down.

Tribute to Terry's muscles... ^^

Candy and Terry
as accomplice 

Candy as a sexy nurse

Candy, American Beauty mode...

Albert, Anthony, Terry

Candy and Stair

Archie and Niel

My favourite one! The claw machine that you can find in funfairs. With this one, you can try to grab candies, under Terryyyyy's mesmerising eyes! ^^

As you walk around the exhibition, you can watch a video that shows a fairy playing at changing Candy and Terry of 70's into Candy and Terry of 2000's.

This is the giant screen that plays the video that you can watch by clicking on this link

2013 세상은 모든 캔디들에게
좀 더 섹시해지라 말하고

2013 The world is telling to all Candy(s)
To be a little bit more sexy please.

A very sexy Anthony

Who wants a shot? ^^

A very sensual Candy...

Hyun-Soo Son's other works on Candy

Here is an interview of Hyun-Soo Son. You can see her working on the animation she had made for the exhibition. Unfortunately, there is no translation. This is why I would be very grateful to anybody who could help me understand what she says. Thank youuuuuu!

I am very pleased that Hyun-Soo Son's great interest for Candy and Terry couple. In the short comic-strip, she shows Candy and Terry of the manga era who go to the surgeon to change their appearance. The result is satisfactory but they looks very surprised to be recognized in spite of their physical transformation. Candy and Terry are eternal! ^^ (This is also the same Terry that we see among the paintings of the exhibition)

Hyun-Soo Son highlights Candy's modernity that she shows sexy but also feminist to condemn the persisting macho environment.

Hyun-Soo Son also imagined an illustrated story that tells Candy and Terry's meeting in our days. All my gratitude to Aniko from who translated it !!!!

완벽한 이상형
좀 가난해도 되잖아,
좀 까칠해도 되잖아.
완벽한 이상형 이란
현실에선 없는데Ö 

Perfect ideal type
You can be a little bit poor,
You can be little bit rough, you know,
What you call the perfect ideal type
Is not from this reality (world)

cf 퀸
부러워 하지 마.
몸매 관리에 안 해본 다이어트가 없고
따가운 시선마저 감수해야 하니까

Cf Queen
Donít be envious
Because there is no diet I havenít tried in taking care of my body,
And I must even endure your glare (have to put up with your disproving stares)

cf 킹
부러워할 것 없어.
강한 척 하느라 두통 생길  지경이니까.

Cf King
There is no envy.
Because Iím on the verge of having a headache pretending to be strong.

 너만의 향기 1
네 주변에선 언제나
장미향의 향수 냄새가 났지.
그게 너의 외로움의
향기라는 걸 몰랐어.

Your (own) scent
Always around you
A perfume (nostalgia) of rose can be smelled
I didnít realize that what I called perfume was the scent of your loneliness.

너만의 향기 2
너에게선 달콤한
캔디 향이 났지.
하지만 장미향 보다
네 웃음이 좋아.

Your scent 2
From you, emanated a fragrance of sweet candy
However, your smile is nicer than the scent of roses.

로맨틱 드라마의 정석 1
상처 났다고 주저 앉지마.
너의 마음에 붕대를
감아 줄 테니.

Romantic dramaís classic 1
Donít crumble down when you got hurt
I will wrap a bandage round (in) your heart

로맨틱 드라마의 정석 2
돈은 많지만 상처도 많고, 적도 많아.
이런 날, 돌봐 줄래 ?

Romantic dramaís classic 2
There is a lot of money but also lot of scars (wounds) and many enemies
On such a day, would (will) you take care of him (me)?

상처 투성이
네 아픔의 무게인지
내 역경의 무게인지.

Covered with wounds (scars)
I donít know whether itís the weight of your pain
Or the weight of my adversity.

 나쁜 남자, 약한 남자
보이는 게 다는 아니.
다 가진 것처럼 보이지만
마음 속 한 구석은
아프고 허전하니까.

Bad guy, weak guy
Itís not what it seems.
It looks like you own everything but
In a corner of your heart
Itís painful and lonely

드라마의 여왕
드라마의 화려한 주인공보다
현실에서 씩씩한
캔디가 되고 싶어

Queen of drama
I want to be like Candy, stronger (braver) in reality than
a brilliant dramaís heroine

드라마의 제왕
드라마 속 주인공.
상처받은 재벌 2세.
사람들은 그걸 원하나봐.

King of drama
The main character in drama
The wounded chaebol 2nd generation
Seems like people want that

아이돌 가수처럼
화려하고 아름다운 청춘.
세월이 흐른 뒤
아이돌 가수 같았던
나를 기억할 수 있을까.

Like an idol singer
Splendid (colorful) and Beautiful youth.
After all these years,
Can you remember me who used to look like an idol singer?

때론 실컷 두들겨 맞더라도
모두 던져버리고 싶을 때가 있어.
흘린 땀만큼
개운할 것 같아.

Like a boxer
Sometimes If I get badly beaten up
I want to throw everything away.
Shedding lot of sweat
Makes me feel refreshed I guess

로맨틱 드라마의 정석 1 (3)
같은 하늘아래
다른 세상 사람들의
우연한 만남

Romantic dramaís classic 3
Under the same sky
Accidental encounter between people from different worlds

로맨틱 드라마의 정석 4
빼놓을 수 없는 장면.
나에게 어울리는 여자로
만들어 줄게.

Romantic dramaís classic 4
An unforgettable scene,
I will turn (make) into a woman that suits me

세상은 내게Ö
청순해도, 귀여워도,
혹은 소녀라도..
섹시함을 잃지 말라고 하지.

The world to meÖ
Is pure, cute or even a girl (??)
Donít lose your sexiness, I said

 귀여운 반항아
거칠고, 화내고, 반항했던 건
네가 내 편인걸 알았기 때문 일거야.

Cute rebel
Rough, angry, rebellious
Itís because I knew you were on my side.

신데렐라 스토리
참고 참고 또 참아도
넌 결국 유리구두를 찾아
내게로 오겠지.

Cinderella Story
*Bear, bear and forbear and
You finally find a glass slipper
You will come to me.

외로워도 슬퍼도Ö
울고 싶을 땐 울어도 돼.

Lonely and sad
You should cry when you want to cry

그들이 사는 세상 배스트

The world they live in