Making a movie of "Candy Candy" is a recurrent topic. Some producers tried to make one in the 80's but met Kyoko Mizuki's refusal. The project was then abandoned. But, the idea continued in some producers' mind, and more particularly in our Indonesian friends' with a soap opera unexpectedly named "Candy" whose script repeats the story in kind. The only difference is that the story takes place in our days. Candy has left her ribbons, her hair and eyes are dark such as the other characters, played obviously by local actors. ^_______^  It is highly likely that Mizuki never gave her permission to this... O_o

You can watch this series on youtube (more than 15 episodes...). You'll find below some links towards some significant episodes of the show:

- - The episode when Terry, injured, comes by mistake in Candy's bedroom. Very funny moment!

- - Candy and Terry dancing...

- In that one, Terry is trying to comfort Candy for Anthony's death:



- Are, in that one, are Candy and Terry going to kiss finally?


source : forum