Most CC fans never understood nor accepted the ending in the manga and the anime. The Italian, as well as they had the clever idea to give a sequel to the manga and to the anime, made the hope of millions CC fans real by getting together Candy and Terry at the end!  ^___^

Here are then the images of this final meeting, nicely illustrated and published in "Candy Candy" magazine of Fabbri Editions . The pages below come from the Fabbri magazine but in its Greek publication! ^^ Thanks to Marianna who gave those images to me and also translated them!^^

Thanks also to Nila for those new images :-)

Clic on the images to see them bigger! ^^



So much time elapsed, so many things happened in her life! Did few moments of happiness deserve all this pain?
Candy goes for a walk...


What's happening to me?
I used to be optimistic and to laugh all the time.
But he lives for theatre.




Terry: Archie told me that I would find you here. Can you tell me where you were going?

Candy: For now, I think I'm going to stay with you. Come on, let's go to the park!


Terry : So, Candy! Freckles! Annie told me that you had begun writing and that you were going to publish a magazine, is that right? 

Candy : The magazine is something means a lot to me!

Candy : Stop being ironic!

Candy: You are impossible!!!



Terry: You are the most adorable thing of the world!...

(He kisses her... ^__^)

Terry : Am I forgotten?

Candy : Yes...

Terry: I've learnt that Annie and Archie were going to get married!...

Terry: I envy them, a little...

Candy: So do I...



Candy (thoughtful) Ihey are going to live together for the rest of their lives...

Terry: We are doing the contrary...

Terry : If you knew how much I missed you during all this time!!!

Terry: I hungered for your gaze, your smile. They always filled my heart with peace and joy.

Candy: I missed you too. Your voice...



They hug!!!
  They talk about their future (about theatre and about the magazine) and they begin to run towards the hill that looks like so much Pony's. 

Candy and Terry are on the hill again. One step forward, one backward, it doesn't matter. They have realized now that they need each other and that they will find a solution. As long as they want to be together, together always.

End... ^____________^


As a bonus, here is the picture of Marco Torricelli who participated to the illustration of the Italian comic books. You can read his interview here (in Italian only).