The Pastiche Manga -  Vent d'Ouest Editions

This comic book " Le Manga Pastiche" that kindly pastiches mangas, came out in 1995 and was published by Vent d'Ouest. Candy appears there on three plates. The author's name of this comic book is Roger Brunel and had previously pastiched American and European (mainly French-Belgian) comics in a serie of comic books simply named"Pastiches".

In this pastiche, Candy's name is Sucry (as a nod to Candy sugar), and she got caught in the restrooms by the mother superior (of John Paul II Academy ^^) while snogging with Terry!!!... ^_______^



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Page 1

Men: Ah! It's better!
Skip, didn't you plan to pay a visit to your niece?
Sucry??? But she is in high-school, in London!
We can make a detour. I will double-park!
A young girl's boarding school.. Let's go there!!!

MS: Sucry!!! John Paul II Academy should not tolerate such behavior!

Eliza: Absolutely, Mother!... In the restrooms!!!

CC: It was good....
Plus, my mysterious Uncle Marcel will come to rescue me!

Page 2

MS: You'll be locked in the meditation cell and you will not be allowed to go to the feast!

CC: Oh! It's not by putting a strip on my eye that you will hide the truth from me! One day, I'll be "Sailor Foun"*! ... I've already her hair and her eyes...
And I also gain weight when I stuff myself with muffins. Isn't that a proof???

Eliza: Oh, greed besides lust... She has to be punished more!...

MS: You're right! She won't be allowed to watch Czech cartoons!

(The spacecraft arrives and takes Candy)

Men: If you want to take one or two older, don't hesitate!...

MS: Mercy! So, there is a God for bad little girls...

CC: Uncle Marcel! I'm sure it's him who's kindnapping me!

Eliza: That's it! Fly away quickly! I'm taking care of your boyfriend!...

Page 3

CC: Tell me, sir... Which one is my Uncle Marcel?
UM: It's me, Marcel Skip! But!... Your eyes!...  Ariel! Quick!!!

Make an enlargement of the pupils' peepers!

CC: What's wrong with my iris?

UM: Look! There is a little map of the universe in her eyes! Amazing! Enlarge more! We are going to find Calendos and Danun. Try towards New York!

CC: No wonder I cry so often if there are so many things in my eyes!!!

*Sailor Foun refers to Sailor Moon. The prononcitaion is the same (oun as oon). It's a trivial pun. "Foun" is a crude word (similar to "pussy" in English).

* Thank you Nico for your scans

Guide Phénix du manga (Phoenix Manga guide) - Asuka Editions 


This guide used to make an inventory of all the mangas that were published at that time (2005) and used to offer a complete introduction to manga world and its riches.

+700 pages. Given with an explanatory DVD about Japanese animation, including 4 manga episodes and 5 short-films.

In the chapter about the manga arrival in France, a prehistory research points out the cave paintings of "an iron giant and the bones of a little mischievous girl"... An illustrated winking look that I invite you to discover below!

* All my gratitude to Florence for this scan...