This page is intended to clarify some questions that you could have about CC, about some rumors about her, but also to give details on the characters that are subtly hidden in the anime and in the manga.

1. Why "Candy Candy" instead of "Candy" only?


2. Candy and Terry's information sheet


3. Chronology of Candy's adventures


4. Is there an Italian sequel to Candy Candy? 


5. Do you know that in the French version of the anime, Anthony dies then comes back to life for ending in an hospital?

6. Are there any vidoes of Candy Candy?


7.Will there be a sequel to Candy Candy?


9. Where can I get the manga of Candy Candy?
11. Did Stair really die at war?


12. Are Anthony and the Prince of the hill the same person?


13. Candy's address


16. The death that Mizuki had imagined for Anthony and that was denied... 


17. Terry's address!!! 


18. Did merchandising influence Terry's removal after Saint-Paul's Academy? 



Why "Candy Candy" instead of "Candy" only?

Actually, it is a matter of language difference. This is rather a description than a name. In Asia, names are often repeated to emphasize something cute, soft, tendre, like a baby, therefore like Candy ! ;o)


Candy and Terry's information sheet

I've always wondered what Candy Candy's characters would look like if they were real. The answer to this question is given through an article published in June 1977, in the Japanese magazine Nakayoshi... In this article, the author, Kyoko Mizuki, gave a physical description of the main characters, Candy and Terry.



Candy en route pour l'Angleterre
Candy White

Date of birth
May 07, 1898

 (Her discovery date in front of Pony's home)

In the anime, Candy is found on a snowy day while it happens in spring in the manga.


le beau Terry
Terry G. Grandchester

Date of birth
January 28, 1897





45 kg/99 pounds

53 kg/116,5 pounds

Shoe size
22 cm/35/4

Shoe size
25.5 cm/40/8

Blood type

Blood type

Favorite color

Favorite color

hair color
light auburn

hair color

eye color

eye color


They were both 14 years old when they met on the boat, on a new year's eve, just before Terry celebrates his fifteenth birthday!


Chronology of Candy's adventures

Candy meets the Prince of the hill

Candy is 12 years old, and goes to the Leagan's (Niel, Eliza, and their parents), where she will become later their maid.

Candy is 13 and is adopted by the Andrew family.

Janvier 1912
Candy is 14 and leaves for London to study at Saint Paul Academy. (That year, the Titanic cruise ship will take the same road...)

Candy is 15 and leaves Saint Paul Academy to join Terry in America.

Candy is 16 and lives in Chicago where she's following nursing studies. That year, Stair will die and she will break up with Terry... :-((((((((


Is there an Italian sequel to Candy Candy ? 

In Italy, like in most countries, Candy Candy airing was a HUGE success. When the serie ended, the Italian tv channel that aired it, received so many claims from the fans who totally disagreed the ending, that they decided when they aired the serie for the second time, to add some images at the end.

Thus, the tv channel took some images of Candy's dreams in relation with Terry (those in which Candy imagines herself taking the train to join Terry in NY...), and they added them at the end of the last episode. Thereby, they created a new ending from old images of the serie. The fans thought it was a new ending in which Candy and Terry met again... sob!  

The images of the final editing of the Italian version

Cliquez sur l'image pour la voir en grand 


Nota : There is another version in the form of a comics...


Did you know that in the French version of the anime, Anthony dies, then comes back to life for ending in an hospital ?

In November 1979 was aired in France the tragic episode in which Anthony died. Kids were so desperate that their parents wrote en masse to the tv channel to complain about this traumatizing episode that had broken their beloved child's heart! (Mine certainly wrote too!.. ^^)

This is why, after christmas break, the tv channel announced that this episode had been misunderstood, that Anthony was not dead but injured only, and had to stay at the hospital. Thus, the dubbing was modified which made things more difficult to understand as the dubbing was in complete contradiction with the images. For example, as Anthony, with this new dubbing is supposed to be alive, we cannot understand why, in the final episode, Albert evokes Stair and Anthony's funerals...


Are there any vidéos or DVD  of Candy Candy ?

Go to devoted page to CC videos !


Will there be a sequel to Candy Candy?

There is one! It's called "Candy Candy, Final Story"!


Where can I get  CC mangas?

There are no CC mangas in English, but you can read them translated online :


Did Stair really die at war?

Undortunately, he did... :o(


Are the Prince of the hill and Anthony the same person?

No, they are not... ^__^

When Candy meets the Prince, she is only six years old... This meeting with her Prince will change everything. This will encourage her to go and live at the Leagan's, when noticing the same coat of arms on the car of their servant coming to Pony's home in search of a "lady companion".

She is 12 when she meets Anthony, who, if he had been her Prince, would have grown up and changed in the meantime, and consequently, would have looked like his uncle Albert... Actually, Candy made that mistake by not realizing that time had passed and by also ignoring the family bond between Albert and Anthony. She was only able to make the connection at the end... Just like we did!... ^__^

The anime encourages us in this confusion because when Candy meets the prince, she is not six but twelve years old, and then, she immediatley goes at the Leagan's. This is why those who knew the anime at first (like I did), got very confused by Albert's real identity.

We suppose that there is an age gap of six/height years between Albert and Candy. Anthony was two years older than Candy. He was even older than Terry though Terry looks older than him...


Candy's address

Who knows, you might get an answer!... ^__^ This address appears in one of the first episodes, in which this latter is desperately waiting for news from Annie who has been recently adopted by the Brighton.

Miss Candy White
South Field
La Porte


The death that Mizuki had imagined for Anthony and that was denied

We all know that Anthony dies in a tragic horse riding accident. Kyoko Mizuki's original idea was very different. In fact, her first thought wa sto make Anthony die of some illness, the excessive use of pesticides for his roses had to kill him little by little. And he was supposed, one day, to fall and die into Candy's arms, in the middle of the rose garden. But Kodansha, the publishu-ing company denied this idea for an unknown reason. May be they wanted something more symbolic, more violent, more unexpected...

Terry's address !!! 

Terrence G. Grandchester
10 West 45th St. Broadway 
New York 

You can try to write to him. May be he will anwer... ;o)


Did merchandising influence Terry's removal after Saint Paul Academy? 
When CC manga came out in Japan, its success, especially with little girls, was so important that toys manufacturers put pressure on Kodansha, the publisher, to limit Candy's love life... Indeed, how can you sell toys to little girls if Candy's character would grow up and become adult??? Thus, Kodansha insisted to the author to move Terry away... This is why the manga ends with an open ending. The manga just like the anime, ends with a single Candy, with her little Klint as only companion (at least in the anime!...)