Musics and Lyrics

The video intros 

The lyrics of all the anime songs and their musics


(The video intros of the 1978 anime series and of the 1992 anime "Candy Candy")


Musics and Lyrics of the Japanese intros  

The English translations of the lyrics written by Kyoko Mizuki (from website)


The midi files 

The clips of the anime (in French)

Candy's theme, Terry's and the famouse valse that Candy dances with Anthony, then later with Terry... (from website)


The best clips of the anime such as Candy's meeting with the prince, Terry's kiss, etc...


The musical curiosities  

Candy Candy Flash video

It has a relation with Candy but it is not Candy. Not to be missed !!! ^__^


An home-made Flash video in which Candy sings all her love feelings for Terry...


The Anime  BGM 

Candy Candy parody in "Fushigi Yuugi" 

 (The whole background musics !!!!)


Tamahome and Miaka, the unforgettable heroes of "Fushigi Ygi" anime pay tribute to Candy and Anthony in a very funny parody... 


The music scores

The foreign versions of Candy Candy opening
(To play the anime musics on your Bontempi electric organ...^^)

There is even a Flamish one!!! ^__^
Candy Candy caramelldansen

Candy in "Magical girl" (Episode 2)

The caramelldansen adapted to CC characters ! ^^

Watch the crowd carefully from 4:44 mn, and you'll see our little pigtailed heroine behind the artist!  ^^