Candy's story Candy's creators


(Introduction to Kyoko Mizuki and Yumiko Igarashi, and their artworks)


Interview of Carlo Lay Manga versus Anime

One of the few foreign person who became first assistant of a mangaka, and more specifically, of Yumiko Igarashi (Text in French) 


The differences between the manga and the anime


The trial The sequel of Candy Candy 

The copyrights fight between the authors...


News about the novels written by Keiko Nagita alias Kyoko Mizuki that come after the end of the story...


Translation of the CC Artbooks poems   Little clarifications on the characters 
English translation of the poems written by Kyoko Mizuki for the CC Artbooks of 1978/79 It's the main characters' identification form.


Original CC novels translations (from 1978/1979/2003) "Candy Candy, final story"
The manga with every detail through the main characters' thoughts... Candy Candy novel updated by its author, with revelations about Candy's future with "Anohito/Him"...

Who is Anohito/Him ? (available soon!)