BD Expo 2000 cosplay An Italian cosplay
"CandyX" : A hot, hot, hot CC cosplay! ^^ Epita 
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This is one of the first page that I created in the beginning of this webiste. Cosplays never stopped giving fun to people (players and audience). All my admiration goes to all those people who entertained us and still do with their hand-made very beautiful costumes and their BIG sense of humour. Long live to CC cosplays!!!

BD expo 2000 cosplay (that took place in october 2000)


The whole CC band

  A lovely little group picture ... ^_^

Some choregraphy on the song "T'as l'bonjour d'Albert, ohohohohooooooo...." ^_^

Our little Candy, of course!... ^_^


The Prince, Annie, and our always so comely Eliza... ^__*

A more than true Eliza ... ^_^

With behind, a very alike Stair... :)

The Prince of the hill la Colline, irresistible on his rocking horse... ^_^

Watch the very refined Prince's hairdress, as well as Terry's idiot look behind... :-)))))

From left to right : Annie and Eliza

Some  Foreign cosplayers  


cliquez dessus pour voir en grand


"CandyX" : A hot, hot, hot cosplay !!! ^^  (Delcourt Festival, 2003)

Aurélie and her merry band!... (*^___^*)
Comin' up!!! ^__^




Flexgraph's page 
A true artist ! The pictures are beautiful, and it's French, dear ladies and gentlemen! ^_^

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