The Manga

Like in the manga and in the anime, Candy has two mothers : Kyoko Mizuki aka Keiko Nagita, who imagined and wrote the story, and Yumiko Igarashi, who gave to the characters those so beautiful faces...

Presently, those two artists are at odds, for some obscure reasons of copyrights... The trial did not resolved anything and it is still not allowed to sell CC marchandises or to air CC on tv.

If you want to know more about those two talented artists, I invite you to click on the links below.


Kyoko Mizuki - Candy's author


Candy and Terry's poem

Candy Candy, final story 



Yumiko Igarashi - The manga illustrator 



Her artworks on Candy

Her other artworks

Her museum  

Yumiko Igarashi in her studio