Have you ever wondered what happened to Candy and to all the people who shared her life and her adventures? Have you ever felt like something was missing when Candy, at the end of the manga and the cartoon, returns to Pony's home? This is the reason why I created this page, to share the stories that Candy Candy's fans imagined. After all, we all grew up with Candy and at some point, we all wondered about her future...

She is an adult now... What did happen to her and Terry?

What becomes of Annie and Archie, Patty and the despicable Niel and Eliza, and what about this bloody Suzanna?

I invite you then to read those stories imagined and written by worldwide Candy Candy's fans.  Do not hesitate to put your stories on my forum


The authors

Nila Leia  Mercurio 
Mallory Quinn
Lady Gato
Josephine Hymes
Alexa Chang


You'll find many other fanfictions in English on Nila's wonderful website!