Candy Candy 1992

The OVA's pictures

This version distinguishes itself from the original cartoon by some obvious inconsistencies. For example, When Candy arrives at the Audrey's party, she does not know yet Archie and Stair. Then she meets there Annie with whom she renews their great friendship, thanks to Anthony. In the beginning, we are also surprised by the design which is different and by the lack of lickeness with the Candy of Toei Animation and of Igarashi. In this OVA, Annie is fair-haired unlike in the Toei Animation anime. Though it is not obvious in the manga as it is in black and white, her blonde hair is seen n the illustrator's artbooks. In this movie, they gave back to Annie her original color of hair, which can surprise those who are more used to the anime than to the manga... ^__^

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The streaming movie (in Japanese with English subtitles)