The Special issues 

They were monthly magazines of around 50 pages. Each issue resumed more or less an episode of the anime.

Observation : The monthly issue n8 stops when Candy is locked up by Neal and Eliza in one of the dark rooms of the Andrews' mansion in which was taking place a bal in the honor of the Great Aunt Elroy. Then N9 resumes as for it the episode that comes after Anthony's death, when Candy comes back to Pony's home to try to forget.  Actually, the special issues and the magazines had come to publish the same episodes at the same time. The editors might have found more appropriate to separate the both periods : Candy's childhood for the magazines and new Candy's life for the Special issues. 

Observation 2 : This collection of special issues ends at  number 34, when Candy, after having left St Paul's, comes back to America and to Pony's home, and misses by just a few minutes her meeting with Terry... :-(

The Magazines

Monthly published, they were distinguished by the diversity of their contents: less pages about the anime, more ads, games, columns, and stickers in the centerfold that were pasted on the missing images. In the first magazines beautiful posters used to be included that you can see below...


Observation :  n 05 and  n 55 can be read in their intirety! ^^ 

Observation 2 : Only 57 issues came out... The last one is the same issue as the first one that resumes Candy's discovery at Pony's home. 


 The Candy Candy Pocket

Good things

Bad things

- The illustrations were the manga's and coloured.


- Harebrained and simplistic dialogs with many spelling mistakes...

- Only 12 issues came out. The last one stopped when Terry kisses Candy (during May Festival)


  Miscellaneous (soon)

Most of them were the same Special issues ( see above) but cardboarded. Some of them reunited several magazines and they were presented as albums.