Some painful times


In spite of their tense relationships, Candy and Terry can't do anything without each other. One night, they get trapped in the school's stable after receiving a message asking them to meet there. Eliza, the message's author, is very proud of her evil scheme that sends Terry in his bedroom while Candy is locked in the dungeon until she's sent back to America. Terry, refusing to have Candy chased out of her family, will take the decision to leave the college instead of her. As a farewell, he will come in front of her dongeon's door to play the harmonica. Heartbroken, he will take a boat for America with the hope of becoming an actor, leaving behind a Candy desperatly in love.


But the worst is to come...

Candy and Terry are breaking up!!! :o(((

Terry is asking her to be happy ... :-((

Terry, mad with griefr, turns alcoolic.