We all have more or less a little idea of the way to draw Candy. However, if we want to reach perfection, it needs work! ^__________^

And yet, there is on this earth an exceptional being able to draw as well as Yumiko Igarashi or as the other designers of Toei Animation. You know this person. He's the talented Carlo Lai,who was Y. Igarashi's first assistant for many years, a rare occurence for an European. With his usual kindness and generosity, Carlo accepted my request to make a drawing tutorial for this website, in order to give the basis for drawing Candy.


The different steps 

1. A first sketch to define the proportions...


2. then you draw Candy on top of it by following the outline of picture 1...


3. then, you ink the new outline...


4. You erase the residues of the pencil to just leave the inked drawing, then you paint it with watercolor... Et voilą ! ^_______^


The details

1. Carlo reveals to us the secret of Candy's beautiful eyes... : a superposition of greens, from the lighter to the darker...


2. Do not forget the stars and the little stars and sparkles! ^__^


3. Black and white version,  manga style...


4. The standard mouth



Un A little masterpiece, anime version, made by Carlo that proves that he can draw anything!!! ^___^
(and to think that I'm sure he did it within two minuts only!... ^_____^)


* Again, all my gratitude and my admiration to Carlo for his talent and his kindness. ^__^

A tutorial from Nakayoshi magazine