You have enough of embroidering little bears and little cats? ^__^ Thanks to the kindness of some cross-stiching passionates, I offer you some CC patterns that will entertain you pleasantly.


Basic instructions for using the pattern

First of all, you need a piece of embroidery canvas that you'll find in a haberdashery or notions store. You have to count the number of stiches in width and height because your piece of canvas must have at least the same number of stiches. You have to begin by the middle for the design to be centered.


The patterns

That one is in actual size and was kindly given to me by Sandrine, from the website




To read those two grids, you'll need a software like Easy Cross or any others able to create and open patterns.

When the pattern is opened, you'll see the picture in actual size, and on your left, the key of colors for the thread to use.

All my gratitude to Angélique of the website who so kindly accepted to make those patterns for


Results ! ^^ 

   Here is what did Nathalie with the patterns ! ^^ It's your turn, now ! ^__^