Did you ever wondered what Toei Animation studios might be like ? Thanks to Carlo, a very talented artist who worked in Yumiko Igarashi's team, you'll be glad to discover Toei Animation and its offices at the time when they were working on Candy and other animes such as Captain Harlock, UFO Robo Grendizer, Captain Future and many other ones...

Bon voyage into the past! ^____^


M. Chiaki Imada, the very "smiling" Toei's chairman in 1979 and 1980


The Toei Animation building


The dubbing of Candy Candy!!!!


1979 and 1980 Toei Calendar

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Every year, The Toei used to organize a fair. The visitors were able to attend the theater performances in which played the anime characters of the company, such as Candy below. As you can see, the actors wore a mask featuring each character.



Candy Candy puppets


Candy Candy's merchandising was already well developped!