The storyboard is a kind of comics that describe every scene, every shot, every shooting, the location of the characters, etc... You'll find then below some storyboards of the anime. What is inside is just a few samples because I do not own them unfortunately, but it will give you an idea what it looks like.

Episode 06 - "The person I met at the rose gates"
"Bara no Mon de Atta Hito" (バラの門で逢った人)



Scene in which Candy must bring herself to abandon Klint, and ties him to a tree.

Episode 09 - "The dance where I met Him"
"Ano Hito to Aeta Butōkai" (あの人と逢えた舞踏会) 




Cover that illustrates the episode in which Candy meets Anthony at the Andrew's party.


Scene in which Candy arrives wearing her everyday dress. Eliza is not slow to belittle her in front of the gorgeous Anthonyyyyyy...



Candy, wearing her wonderful dress made by the cousins, is invited to dance by Anthony...

Episode 10 - "The barn princess"
"Umagoya no Ojōsama" (馬小屋のお嬢さま) 





Scene in which Eliza catches Candy in her bedroom with her ball gown!!! Slim thinks that Eliza is Candy's sister and shows how happy he is, but he is immediately pushed back by the Leagan chipie


Very moving scene in which Sister Lane explains to Candy that she is very lucky to have friends to take care of her, and that she musn't lose heart...

Episode 21 - "A pigeon that carried friendship"
"Yūjou o Tsutaeru Hato" (友情を伝える鳩) 




Episode in which Candy takes her first steps into her new life at the Andrew's...



Scene in which Eliza, under false pretences, takes Anthony to horse riding...

Episode 22 - "Don't give up, Anthony!"
"Makenaide Ansonī!" (負けないでアンソニー!) 




Cover followed by the rodeo scene....



Scene of the beginning of the episode in which Candy welcomes on her balcony a carrier pigeon, Anthony's messenger...

Episode 30 - "Love transcends raging waves"
"Ai wa Aranami o Koete" (愛は荒波を越えて)




Cover that illustrates the scene in which Candy thinks seeing Anthony on the deck of the boat. 



Shots of the New year's eve party on the baot, the glasses clink, Candy needs some fresh air...

Episode 41 - "Fairy of the school festival"
"Gakuensai no Yōsei" (学園祭の妖精)


Scene in which Terry is looking for Candy at the bal

Scene on the hill of Saint Paul's Academy

Episode 53 - "The dawn at Mount Rodney"
"Maunto Rodoni no Yoake" (マウント・ロドニの夜明け) 




Episode in which the Carson's daughter, Suzy, falls ill....




... but who will get better thanks to Candy's cares! :-)

Episode 80 - "A moment of reunion"
"Tsuka no ma no Saikai" (つかのまの再会)



Shot of the wonderful scene of reunion& along the train... Unforgettable ! ^__^



Episode 92 - A love-shock therapy"
"Ai no Shokku Ryōhō" (愛のショック療法) 

and Episode 79 - "The shadow under the spotlight"
"Supottoraito no Kage de" (スポットライトの陰で)




Albert is on cover of the Episode 92's storyboard, and Terry, in epiosde 79, is wearing a beautiful costume for his theater performance in Chicago. 


On the left, Albert is remembering his past, and on the right, Candy is remembering the good time spent with Terry...


Episode 97 - "The long awaited reunion"
"Yume ni Made Mita Saikai" (夢にまでみた再会)




Cover that illustrates the wonderful episode of Candy and Terry's reunion!!!



Sketches describing each shot of the reunion scene at the train station : Terry, laughing, is lifting his cap up, as Candy, with wet eyes, recognizes him...

Episode 98 - "Heart-racing curtain rising"
"Mune Sawagu Kaimaku no Beru" (胸さわぐ開幕のベル) 




Scene in which Candy learns about Suzanna's accident as she hears a group of women talking during the break...

Episode 110- "The troublesome love"
"Meiwaku na Koi" (迷惑な恋) 



Beginning of the episode in which Candy realizes that she's been trapped by Niel...

Episode 054 - "Night Fog at the Port of Southhampton"
"Yogiri no Sazanputon-kō" (夜霧のサザンプトン港)