This time, Mélodie tackled a very big task! : allowing us to see in widescreen some sceneries, scenes, that passed in the cartoon before we noticed them. This lack is now fixed thanks to Melodie's devotion who had sometimes work long time on several images to get them into one. Enjoy her work and do not hesitate to support her!

I might add that thanks to Melodie's work, we can prove now, with supporting evidence, that Candy Candy anime wasn't botched.  The landscapes, the sceneries were well observed, some of them are very fine and really show the care that Toei's team put into this serie. Tribute is paid to Mataharu Urata (the serie's art director)! Enjoy! ^

(Just click on the images to see them in big size!)

Summer holidays in Scotland


Pony's home






Pony's tree



Pony's little residents


The landscapes around Pony's home
(From Episode 2 when Candy and Annie go for a picnic)



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